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Salon & Barbershop Services


NYN Beauty offers premium haircuts, specializing in ethnic and cultural haircare. Our professional barbers and hairstylists will leave you booking appointments to come back for sure! Haircuts are available for men, women and children. Our barbers and stylists can perform haircuts in all ranges and styles to suit your preference and needs.


If you need a professional stylist to pamper your hair to every degree, then you need NYN Beauty. Using only the finest salon products, NYN will give you the edge your hair needs to stay radiant and beautiful. Wash & Style options include, but are not limited to Washing, Blow Dry, Flat Ironing and Curling both natural and relaxed hair types.


If your looking for a professional edge on a do-not-try-this-at-home service, then NYN Beauty has the assistance you need to treat your hair perfectly. With years of experience, our certified stylists will make sure that your hair gets the look you desire. Chemical Hair Treatments include relaxing, texturizing, perms, hair colouring, highlights, lowlights and smoothing treatments.


If you need a professional hand to start or maintain your Dread Locs, then look no further than NYN Beauty. Our team knows Dreads and they handle them well. Dread Loc services include, but are not limited to Palm Rolls, Brother / Sister Locs and Interlocking Dreads.


Braids aren't always the easiest things to put in yourself, and without a friend to help, how are you ever going to get that cornrow you always wanted. Look no further than NYN Beauty for that friend. Braid and Cornrow service include French Braids, Twists, Single Plat and Cornrow designs.


Ever tried to put in or take out a weave by yourself? DON'T! It's not an easy task. That being said, NYN Beauty has you covered from top to bottom. Our professional weave stylists are the finest in Brampton. Weave Services include full head bonding, sew-in, invisible weaves, crochet and fusion.

The NYNBeauty Team

We've put a lot of hard work into maintaining a world class hair salon and top-notch barbershop in Brampton! Here's a few of the professionals that help make that happen!


Alphonso is one of NYN’s most versatile barbers. He brings professional certifications both as a barber and as a stylist. He has been a part of the NYN family for over 10 years. Specializing in style, hair cuts, chemical services and our newly introduced treatment service, Olaplex. Alphonso has been cutting hair for almost 15 years and his love for it never fades. Alphonso is relatable, down-to-earth, and a people person. His favourite past time is making customers happy with the exceptional service he provides.


With 14 years as a barber, Orville has provided NYN with 5 years of service and many of his clients know him as “Gummy.” He brings a wide variety cuts, fades, and shaves to the table leaving customers happy with their service. He’s always passionate about his work and puts in a great deal of focus and precision during every cut.

About NYNBeauty

NYNBeauty is the FINEST Ethnic Hair Salon, Barber Shop and Beauty Supply Store in ALL of Brampton!

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  •   +1 (905) 451-9605
  •  499 Main St. S., Unit #87-A, Shopper's World, Brampton, ON
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NYN Beauty carries ALL-Natural Hair and Beauty supplies for every individual.


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